Alchemy is the study of magical properties from certain materials found in the Nameless World. Compared with the science of Emily Sanderson's home world, it can often blur the line between chemistry and biology.[1]

Although charms has similar traits to alchemy, but differs in the sense that charms involves the magician's own magic, and alchemy involves using natural magic.[2]

At Whitehall, Professor Thande is the Head of Alchemy.[3] Professor Zed teachings Alchemy at Mountaintop. If someone wishes to become a Healer, it is suggested that they study alchemy extensively.[4]

Alchemical Materials Edit

The focus of alchemy itself is the ability to release natural magic from raw materials.[5] Alchemy can garner sources from a variety of sources, even from various small animals, such as snakes[6] and frogs.[7] Alchemy Researchers are those whose profession is to discover what traits various sources can grant.[8]

Other alchemical sources are less than acceptable in the Allied Lands. Human blood, for example, has over one thousand uses in alchemy, but with most of them illegal.[9] Human flesh, especially the flesh of a magician, is able to be used in alchemy.[10] Necromancers living near the Desert of Death have been known to attempt to steal Gorgon children in an effort to harness alchemical materials from their magic-filled bodies.[11]

Alchemical materials are produced at apothecaries, who then sell or ship them to various alchemists.[12]

Rules of Alchemy Edit

Alchemical concoctions are so precise that alchemists warn students not to substitute anything else for the required materials.[13] A single mistake can cause an explosion, and even lead to death.[14] Using transfigured items in place of the natural materials can also be dangerous.[15]

Alchemical experiments should be limited to specially warded alchemy rooms.[16] Stray magic can disrupt concoctions and lead to accidents.[17]

Most magicians use a wand while practicing alchemy, due to the need of a steady hand.[18]

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