Aurelius is the Administrator of Mountaintop, one of the five major schools for magic in the Nameless World.

Appearance and Character Edit

Aurelius is described as a tall man in his early forties, with a thin line of gray hair and a patch of baldness similar to a monk. His body is strong and powerful, with his muscles visible even under his fine robes. A wand hangs on his belt, along with a sharp, silver knife.[1] A haze of magic is said to surround Aurelius. On one of the occasions when Emily Sanderson first meets him, she finds it hard to look at him, as he seems to "glow with light and power."[2]

While not overtly threatening, Aurelius comes across as someone who is willing to sacrifice the good of those closest to him for a larger goal. In this sense, Emily compares his personality to King Randor.[3]

History Edit


References Edit

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