The Blighted Land of the Dead (also known as the Blighted Lands) is a region in the fantasy world of the Schooled in Magic series. It is located south of the Craggy Mountains. The land is covered in darkness and smells of burned flesh. The ground is covered in ash rather than dirt or mud, and charred trees are scattered about where forests used to be. Those who stray into the land without proper protection are transformed into horrible beings.[1]

Shadye's fortress is located in this region.

History Edit

The Empire fought the Necromancer Kings in this region, when the land was lush and full of life. The two armies fought for forty days and nights, with dragons and terrible lizards filling the skies. Although the wizards were victorious, the excessive use of magic warped the land into chaos, and transformed the region into its current state.[2]

In the Series Edit

Schooled in Magic Edit

Emily Sanderson is transported from her world into the Blighted Lands by Shadye, where she is almost sacrificed before being rescued by Void.

References Edit

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