CT is a creature that resides in the garden at Whitehall. He can be seen around the Magical Creatures class, run by Mistress Kirdáne. He is often used by her for tasks such as going into a hive of magical bees, since they refuse to sting him.[1]

CT's species is unknown, given the peculiar nature of his creation (see History, below). He is impervious to the blow of swords, which do little to his body.[2]

Appearance and Character Edit

CT is described as "a towering column of jelly," wearing "the remains of an oversized set of robes, topped with a single eye that looked permanently malevolent."[3] He is capable of growing more tentacles at will, or as necessary.[4]

CT is capable of communicating verbally, and enjoys discussing how intelligent he is. Although mostly independent, CT appears to obey and respect Kirdáne.

History Edit

CT was created by Professor Thande, during one of his alchemical experiments. According to Imaiqah, Thande "threw a thousand different potion components into a cauldron and boiled them up just to see what would happen." Out came CT, who was promptly placed by the school in the garden.[5]

In the Series Edit

Schooled in Magic Edit

Emily meets CT during her Magical Creatures class.

During Shadye's siege of Whitehall, CT manages to fight off several orcs until Shadye freezes him with a spell. After the battle, CT is seen cleaning up the zoo and lamenting the loss of the animals.

References Edit

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