DemonMasters were those magicians who, long ago, engaged in demonology, and had a large number of demons under their command.

They lived during a time when summoning demons was done regularly, and required a little of the magician's lifeblood to keep a horde of creatures under their control. When a DemonMaster died, those bound under their control broke free.[1] Because of this, many DemonMasters were hesitant to bind a demon permanently, since, upon their death, demons tended to go after their families; hence, DemonMasters made it so that demons were banished upon the magician's death.[2]

It was not uncommon for DemonMasters to die at the hands of those demons they had summoned[3] - in fact, the last two DemonMasters were killed by their own creatures in the midst of a duel.[4]

By the time of Schooled in Magic, demon summoning is strictly forbidden throughout the Allied Lands.[5] Most magicians frown upon demonology, since demons are living entities with wills of their own, and even the most skilled and careful magician can still wind up dead.[6]

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