Emily Sanderson
Age 16-21
First Seen Schooled in Magic
Aliases Child of Destiny, Necromancer's Bane,

Baroness Cockatrice,

Void's Daughter,

Head Girl (former)

Emily Sanderson is the main protagonist of the Schooled in Magic series.

In the dedication to the first book, Christopher Nuttall reveals that her name came from Emily Martha Sorensen, who "inspired the core idea behind the series and gave her name to the heroine."

Appearance and Character Edit

Emily is described as having long brown hair, a face "too narrow to be classically pretty," pale skin, and dark eyes.[1]

She is a studious girl, having spent much of her life reading books.

History Edit

Emily's father left her mother when she was very young, and her mother, Destiny, later remarried when Emily was five.[2] Her stepfather drank often, becoming verbally and psychologically abusive towards Emily; there are also hints that her stepfather had begun to look at her in a lustful manner. From all this, she developed from this a lack of confidence in herself, and a hesitancy to enter anything resembling a social life.

Schoolmates considered her weird, and most of her clothes were second-hand.[3] Occasionally she took part in role-playing games, one of the few social activities which she had an interest in, but otherwise she had no real friends.

At an early age, she developed a love for history and historical personalities, due to a need to "feel her universe had a past, even if it didn't have a future."[4] She often hung out at the local library, partially to read and partially to escape the drunken attention from her stepfather.

In the Series Edit

Schooled in Magic Edit


References Edit

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