The Faerie were a race of creatures that existed in and ruled much of the Nameless World long before the events of Schooled in Magic. They were incredibly powerful entities composed of raw magic.[1] They are responsible for much of the magic that exists in the Nameless World.

The Faerie created many of the half-breed creatures in the world, including Medusas and Gorgons,[2] cockatrices,[3] orcs and goblins,[4] Mimics,[5] Night Walkers,[6] werewolves and dwarves.[7] Many of these were created as "terror weapons," most likely during the Faerie Wars. Some of these creatures, especially the Gorgons, worship the Faerie as gods.[8] Many of the more civilized creatures (especially Gorgons and werewolves) experience prejudice from people in the Nameless World due to their creation by the Faerie.[9]

The Faerie had a city atop the highest of the Mountains of Mourning.[10] Faerie ruins are considered dangerous places that even Necromancers will not venture near.[11] Many who grow up in areas touched by the Faerie become scared of magic.[12]

Much of the history around the Faerie is difficult, because many recorded sources contradict one another.[13] Magical historians believe much of it is real, but much of it is likewise myth,[14] one of the reasons being that the reliable or contemporary documents were destroyed or lost during the Faerie Wars.[15]

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