Sergeant Harkin is one of the teachers of Martial Magic at Whitehall, tutoring alongside Sergeant Miles. He is not a magician, and has no magical abilities.[1] Emily Sanderson comes to see him as one of her few father figures.[2]

Harkin, like Miles, is based off a British army sergeant that author Christopher G. Nuttall met in real life. The sergeant was "responsible for running the Army Insight Day" that Nuttall attended, and struck him as "a Gym Teacher from Hell"[3] (in fact, this is precisely how Emily describes Harkin).

Appearance and Character Edit

Harkin is extremely muscular. His left eye is missing, and instead is covered in burnt flesh and scars. There is no hair on his head.[4]

Unlike Miles, who is more sympathetic towards the students and supporting, Harkin is rougher and harder, albeit out of a determination to make them the best possible. He sees the world as being divided between two groups of people: masters and slaves. The key, in his mind, is to keep others convinced that you were the master.[5]

History Edit

Harkin is a graduate of Stronghold.[6]

Before tutoring at Whitehall, Harkin served in the Rangers as a Pathfinder, and had been a sergeant for twelve years. Like Miles, he was a veteran of the armies that fought against the necromancers.[7] He is most likely in his late thirties.[8]

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