Healing, also known as Medical Magic,[1] is a school of magic in the Nameless World which, true to its name, involves healing and restoration of a living organism. It operates with the concept that a body's natural healing is guided and directed towards quicker results.[2] It can include the use of charms.

Professional healers are bound by Healer Oaths, which are magically-binding and harm the user if they abuse their position; some faithless healers are even hunted down and killed.[3] Many Healer Oaths keep healers from creating any sort of "debt" between them and their patients.[4] Healers are also expected to not become involved in local politics, or take the local law into their own hands.[5]

Use Edit

Most healing is done with a fee, due to the fact that even the simplest healing spell requires a great amount of energy for the user, and hence can wear them down quickly.[6] Because of this, most healers are also trained in non-magical methods.[7] This can include potions which are used for a variety of purposes, including anesthetics.[8] Some healers are likewise skilled in surgery.[9]

Standard healing spells are crude, so that they can be used by those with little magic experience.[10] Though very useful, sometimes the damage done to the body can be too far for even the most powerful of healing spells,[11] and some affects, such as mental injuries, are unable to be healed by magic.[12]

Advanced healers may use some level of transfiguration intermixed with their healing.[13]

Healing is often prevented by a specific curse cast upon the individual.[14]

Training Edit

Students are encouraged never to try to heal themselves unless no one is within shouting distance. The danger lies in the fact that attempting to cast a spell in pain would ruin concentration and may result in an undesired result, causing further damage.[15] Some students use numbing spells on themselves instead, in order to ease the pain until a higher level healer can arrive. Even after a healing spell is used, students are told to go to the infirmary afterward for a checkup.[16]

Students desiring to become professional healers are warned that healing is "not a very clean art," and "blood, guts, and gore" will be a common sight for the healer.[17] They are likewise encouraged to focus their studies on alchemy.[18] Those who wish to become Healers take a Healer Oath in their fifth year, which are forever bound on them even if they flunk out.[19]

A homunculus is often employed by healing tutors,[20] though there are strict laws enacted by the White Council concerning the design and creation of homunculi.[21] Healing tutors also warn students that training with a homunculus gives the student limitations not found in training with a living creature.[22]

At most magical places of learning, potential healers are trained at the school's infirmary.[23] Healing tutors are infamous, due to the seriousness of their work, for snapping at their students for the slightest mistake.[24] At Whitehall, Torquemada is initially the Head of Healing when Emily arrives,[25] later replaced by Lady Barb.[26] At Mountaintop, Healing is taught by Mistress Granite.[27]

Books Edit

Literary works touching on healing include An Introduction to Healing.[28]

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