Hedge Witches are low level magic users who use low-magic potions or spells to assist local and rural populations.

Hedge Witches are seen as a lower tier magician, rather than one who has mastered a full grasp of magic, like those who have completed their courses at Whitehall or one of the other major schools.[1] Most magicians in the Allied Lands shrug them off as untrained amateurs.[2]

Hedge witches see themselves as living closer to untamed wild magic, and look upon graduates of the magic academies (like Whitehall) as haughty. They study under a Master-Apprentice system similar to the old forms of magical education. They frown upon luxury and live a humble life.[3] They tend to live alone,[4] unless taking on an apprentice.

Despite the use of the term "witch," Hedge Witches can be male or female. At times, however, the term "hedge wizard" does get used.[5]

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