Mistress Kirdáne is the Head of Magical Creatures at Whitehall.[1]

She is often accompanied in the garden and zoo by the strange creature known as CT.

Appearance and Character Edit

Kirdáne is a young woman who wears a green robe and carries a small knife in her hand. She speaks with a soft voice, even when teaching her class.[2]

In the Series Edit

Schooled in Magic Edit

Emily has to take Kirdáne's Magical Creatures class as part of her curriculum, where she learns about unicorns, Mimics, and other creatures.

Lessons in Etiquette Edit

Kirdáne is briefly seen near the beginning, speaking with the grandmaster.

A Study in Slaughter Edit

Kirdáne is involved in attempting to control the Mimic, and explains that it was partially satiated through feeding.

Work Experience Edit

When encountering a Night Walker, Emily muses to herself that "Mistress Kirdáne would love a new pet."

References Edit

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  2. Schooled in Magic, Chapter 32

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