Mana is a force produced by certain living things throughout the Nameless World. Magic is powered by mana, taken from the inside of those sources which produce it.[1] Sometimes, mana and magic are used interchangeably.[2] Once a spell is cast, mana fades into the background.[3] When a magician desires to use magic, they must use the exact order of magical words charged by mana.[4]

Mana causes creatures and flora to shift, change, and evolve, depending on the level of mana within them. Mana-tainted forests are especially known for holding strange and often dangerous creatures.[5] Because mana exists in natural material, alchemists seek to draw mana from natural ingredients for their purposes.[6] Misuse of mana in an area already mana-high area might create alchemical ingredients, or cause destruction and danger.[7] Before a student of magic learns how to experiment with spells, they are expected to learn how to channel their mana properly.[8]

Necromancers draw their power from the mana of victims they slay.[9] Such an act has a deadly affect on their mind, causing them to go insane.[10]

Mana-eating spells can be used to cripple or undo spells cast for protection or other uses.[11]

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