Martial Magic, true to its name, is the school of magic involving combat spells and everything related. It can involve hexes,[1] killing spells,[2] charms,[3] and potions.[4] The general principle is to combine combat or combat maneuvers with magical spells.

Martial Magic can also include some knowledge of psychology or human behavior, such as knowing how to see through a person lying.[5]

Much of Martial Magic requires a good knowledge in military affairs.[6]

In Magical Schools Edit

Most schools of magic have Martial Magic as part of their curriculum, with boys and girls of various ages in the classes. Uniforms are required dress. Sergeants and/or veterans handle the instructions.[7] Depending on the tutor, Martial Magic classes can also involve heavy physical endurance, including running two miles in less than nine minutes.[8] It might also involve prolonged exposure to the wilderness, and some level of psychological abuse to see how far the pupils go.[9] In this manner, Martial Magic lessons are very similar to military training.

Weapons for the class can be signed in and out of the school armory.[10]

Many students take Defensive Magic as a primer for entering Martial Magic.

Because of the risk of injury in Martial Magic classes, the parents of some pupils refuse to let their children participate in them.[11]

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