Mistress Mauve is the professor of Charms at Mountaintop.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Mauve is a tall woman with a cold and hard look on her face that rarely displays any mercy.[1] Her eyes are grey, and is described as "a harder version of Professor Lombardi."[2]

Mauve is described as extremely strict. She likewise doesn't take any form of backtalk; Emily Sanderson is advised not to dispute her grades unless absolutely certain she's been marked poorly.[3] Of all the teachers at Mountaintop, she is known as the one with the poorest temper, berating and attacking students who displease her or upset her lesson plan.[4] On particularly testy days, she is known to snap and snarl in the class for hours.[5] She is also known for handing out detentions with a kind of vicious glee that terrifies students.[6]

References Edit

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