Sergeant Miles is one of the teachers of Martial Magic at Whitehall, tutoring alongside Sergeant Harkin.

Miles, like Harkin, is based off a British army sergeant that author Christopher G. Nuttall met in real life. Nuttall met the sergeant "at the desk of the army recruitment center" and described him as "trustworthy, just the kind of person to appeal to a nervous would-be recruit."[1]

Appearance and Character Edit

Miles is a short man with brown hair and a friendly face; unlike Harkin, his body looks untouched.[2]

Although a teacher in magic, Miles encourages physical fitness from his students as well, making them run five miles a week and perform hundreds of push-ups and other exercises every weekday.[3]

History Edit

Before tutoring at Whitehall, Miles served as a Combat Sorcerer for nine years. Like Harkin, he was a veteran of the armies that fought against the necromancers.[4]

References Edit

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