Mountaintop is one of the five major schools of magic in the Allied Lands, and one of the largest, just under Whitehall.

Curriculum Edit

The curriculum for students at Mountaintop includes Charms, Alchemy, Healing, Warding, Dueling, Life Magics, Death Magics, and Rituals.[1]

Faculty Edit

Administrator: Aurelius

Alchemy: Zed

Charms: Mistress Mauve

Warding: Professor Clifton

Death Magic: Professor Yagami

Healing: Magics Mistress Granite

Dueling: Mistresses Hitam and Putih

Head of Raven Hall: Nanette/Lin

Head of Crystal Quarrel: Steven of Lansdale

References Edit

  1. The School of Hard Knocks, Chapter 7

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