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Schooled in Magic is the first book in Christopher G. Nuttall's fantasy series by the same name. It was published on Amazon Kindle in February of 2014.

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Plot Summary (Spoilers) Edit

Emily Sanderson heads home after spending the evening at the local library, only to find herself passing out and waking up in a stone cell. There she meets Shadye, who calls her the "Child of Destiny" and informs her that she is in the Blighted Lands. He takes her up to his fortress, where he prepares to sacrifice her to the Harrowing. Before she is sacrificed, however, Void enters and saves her.

Emily later finds herself in Void's tower. He explains that she can't return home, and she informs him that Shadye called her the Child of Destiny. Intrigued, Void performs a test on Emily: he takes her to a table with several items, and asks her to be the one that feels "right" to her. Having grown up loving books, Emily chooses that. Void says that they may "expect great things" from her. He tells her she can keep the book, and that she will have to go before the White Council.

Emily has breakfast with Void the next morning, where he explains how Shadye transported her to this world, and how he will most likely be looking for her. Because of the potential danger she presents, should Shadye or anyone else take her and try to tap into the magic within her, Void explains that she will be sent to the magic school Whitehall to begin lessons.

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