Shadye is a necromancer and is the principle antagonist of Schooled in Magic.

His fortress resides in the Blighted Land of the Dead, to the south of the Craggy Mountains.

Appearance and Character Edit

Shadye is described as having skin pulled tightly against his skull, with his nose cut away and replaced by a melted mass of burned flesh. His eyes look like burning coals of red light which shine in the dark. His hand has cuts that criss-cross across his flesh.[1] He carries a long black staff, and rides a giant snake into battle.[2]

Necromancy has an affect on the practitioner's brain, wearing down his sanity. It likewise has an affect on their flesh and muscle, as the magic begins to replace their body. When Emily first meets Shadye, he is already in decrepit condition, and is mentally insane.

History Edit


In the Series Edit

Schooled in Magic Edit

Using the power of the Faerie, Shadye transports Emily Sanderson from her world into his base in the Blighted Lands, where he attempts to sacrifice her to the Harrowing. However, the sacrifice is interrupted by Void, who stuns him and rescues Emily.

References Edit

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