Transfiguration is a school of magic which involves the transformation of one object into something else. This can include everything from a person's hand[1] to an entire living organism.

Use Edit

Transfiguration spells are configured to avoid causing mental damage, given the unpredictability of the long-term effects of mind manipulation (eg., a boy becoming a girl, and over time becoming more attracted to boys).[2] Botched transfigurations can possibly kill a creature.[3] Permanent transfigurations are possible, especially when the victim has no protections,[4] and is sometimes employed as a permanent punishment.[5] In some cases, transfiguration is even used as a method of torture.[6]

Self-transfiguration, while possible, is extremely dangerous, and is usually only used in the most extreme of circumstances.[7]

Transfiguration can often be worked around. For example, if a transfiguration charm affects the human body, a magician can transform themselves into something else in order to circumvent the charm.[8]

Tutors warn that transfiguration spells must be cast with great precision, with a full understanding of just what the caster desires to turn their object into. It also requires great power and discipline[9] Despite this, transfiguration spells are often used by magicians as pranks.[10]

Healers often use transfiguration when carrying out their craft.[11] Charms can employ transfigurations for a variety of purposes.[12]

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