Void is a sorcerer in the Schooled in Magic series.

Appearance and Character Edit

Void has a handsome face and brown hair, and overall a young body, but moves like a young man. He has scars over his hands, as if cutting himself repeatedly.[1]

History Edit

Void is a graduate of Whitehall, and tries to uphold the school's political neutrality.[2]

Void had seven apprentices in the past, none of which ended well: three were dismissed for disobedience, two died in magical accidents, one became a necromancer, and one had to be killed.[3]

In the Series Edit

Schooled in Magic Edit

Just as Shadye is about to sacrifice Emily Sanderson, Void interrupts the ceremony and rescues Emily. He informs her of Shadye's intentions, as well as the danger posed to her because of her identity as the Child of Destiny. Due to Emily's need for training, Void arranges to send her to Whitehall.

References Edit

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