The White Council is a parliamentary body of magical, governmental, and commercial representatives responsible for safeguarding the Allied Lands from the external threat of the Necromancers and the internal misuse of magic. They are headquartered in the White City.

They often enforce their will with Mediators.

Factions Edit

Members of the White Council represent the various powers in the Allied Lands, including independent city-states, magical dynasties, and trade networks.

Three factions exist within the White Council: those who wish to maintain the status quo between the various Allied Lands; those who wish to unite the Allied Lands under a High King; and those who wish to unite the Allied Lands under a federal government structure, led and guarded by Mediators. The latter faction is made up mostly of independent magicians and traders.[1]

Role in the Allied Lands Edit

In relation to the various kingdoms and powers, the White Council often serves an advisory role. The White Council is not supposed to interfere with the internal affairs of individual Allied Lands, but have been known to use agents or secondary means to see stability achieved.[2] Many of the Allied Lands mistrust the White Council, believing it to be attempting to rebuild the Empire (see above).[3]

Role in Magic Edit

When magic becomes involved in a legal matter, the White Council takes a leading role. This can include dealing with magicians, magical creatures, and magically-binding contracts.[4]

Fourth and Sixth Year students at Whitehall can go before external examiners from the White Council for exams. If they pass the exams, they receive a degree recognized all over the Allied Lands, and can look for a master for an apprenticeship.[5]

Many spells require the direct permission of the White Council before they can be performed; for example, creating a homunculus.[6]

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