Whitehall is one of five major schools of magic, and the oldest school in the Allied Lands. They are politically neutral, and are considered a "bastion against the necromancers."[1] In fact, it lies on the border of the Blighted Land and the Allied Lands; to enter the Allied Lands, the necromancers would have to push first through Whitehall.

Description Edit

Whitehall rests atop a large mountain, surrounded by a green valley. It appears as if it is made of pure marble, and sparkles white in the sunlight. The mountain under Whitehall is actually part of the building, hollowed out for living space.[2]

Curriculum Edit

First year students are required to take dozens of various classes, including Alchemy, Charms, Cryptozoology, Divination, and Ethics. Sports are also required parts of the curriculum.[3]

Faculty Edit

Head of Alchemy: Professor Thande

Head of Healing: Professor Torquemada (Later Lady Barb)

Head of Charms: Professor Lombardi

Head of Combat Magic/Battle Strategy: General Kip

History of Magic: Professor Locke

References Edit

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