Zed is the Court Wizard of the Kingdom of Zangaria, and later professor of alchemy at Mountaintop, one of the five major schools of magic in the Nameless World.

Appearance and Character Edit

When Emily Sanderson first meets Zed, he is jovially plump and wears fine outfits befitting a court wizard; when she meets him at Mountaintop, he is tall and thin.[1] He is often described as having an uncertain or frightening gaze.[2]

Zed was said to be more obsessed with his studies in alchemy over his role as court wizard of Zangaria.[3] He takes immense pride in his work, to the point of getting enraged if anyone questions his skills or seeks another person's help.[4] Even while holding power, he prefers research over exercising his controls;[5] because of his obsession, he is seen as unambitious, winning the trust of many in authority.[6]

History Edit

Zed studied under an alchemy master who he describes as being "a little strange in the head."[7]

It is believed that he worked for King Randor because none of the other royal houses would take up sponsoring his experiments.[8]

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